Circular Covers

  • Cast Iron - Class B or D
  • 610mm Clear Opening
  • Melbourne Water approved (as per MRWA approved product register)
  • Concrete Encased and Solid-Top models available
  • Larger concrete encased units available. Diameters to suit 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm and 1500mm openings - offset cover placements can be specified
  • Bolt down covers available

Inspection Shaft Covers

  • Melbourne Water approved
  • Light and Class D applications
  • 229mm clear opening
  • Fitzroy box, Stop Tap box, Hydrant and Water covers all available

Step Irons

  • Individual steps used in place of a ladder within a manhole (In pits exceeding 1m depth).
  • Plastic encapsulated, yellow for visibility.  Anti-slip finish with raised side edging.
  • Galvanised steel Straight & Drop Front models available.
  • All products are Melbourne Water approved for stormwater and sewer usage.

Pit Ladders

  • Melbourne Water approved
  • Rungs are spaced at 300mm, and wall brackets (round or square) are used to fasten the ladder to the floor and wall of the manhole.
  • Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel & Plastic Encapsulated Ladders are available
  • Retractable stanchions available to extend above the cover for safe entry into a manhole

Polystyrene Sewer Foam

  • High density polystyrene used as a channel former at the base of a manhole
  • Range of straights, bends and cylinder pieces available
  • Custom sizes available