Grates & Frames

  • Bicycle-safe as per AS3996 – 2006; and a selection of heel-safe products are available.
  • Manufactured from an ‘I-Bar’ mesh; strength is maintained in this configuration.
  • Hinged, bolt-down, galvanised, stainless steel, powder coated, or plain black finishes available.
  • Class rated (Class A-G) grating are available in any size
  • Grating Mesh panels can be supplied cut to any size/shape.
  • Custom units available upon request.


  • Channel and Grate system
  • Steel sheet custom folded to any height/clear opening required
  • Acts as a formwork when concreting
  • Grate pieces made to suit – standard type, heel-safe, plastic, straight bar, heavy duty and bicycle safe

Grating Panels

  • Mesh panels cut to any size or shape
  • Various heights and bar-gaps available, including heel safe, bicycle safe and wheelchair safe products
  • Raw, galvanised or black finish

Handrails, Stairs & Walkways

  • Custom made to suit all needs
  • Used in treatment plants, factory or plant walkways, and anywhere that requires elevated walking access