Square & Rectangular Covers

  • Comply with AS3996-2006
  • Manufactured in ductile iron
  • Concrete Infil & Solid Top
  • Brass or stainless steel decorative edge available.
  • Vented covers and peep-eyes are also available.
  • Approved for use by VicRoads & Melbourne Water

Multi-Part Covers

  • 2-Part, 3-Part, Trench Runs and Multi-Part configurations available.
  • Custom made to suit any large or small pit opening.
  • Removable galvanised beam for underside structural support.
  • Approved numbering system on all covers.
  • Fire rated panels (internal to the pit) are available.
  • Delivered fully assembled to site.

Circular Covers

  • Cast Iron - Class B or D
  • 610mm Clear Opening
  • Melbourne Water approved (as per MRWA approved product register)
  • Concrete Encased and Solid-Top models available
  • Larger concrete encased units available. Diameters to suit 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm and 1500mm openings - offset cover placements can be specified
  • Bolt down covers available

FRP Covers

  • Lightweight alternative to concrete and cast iron covers.
  • Made out of composite fibreglass.
  • Lightweight but maintain strength and durability.
  • Single-person installation, maintenance and removal.
  • Approved for us in Victoria’s Growth Area Authority (GAA)

Inspection Shaft Covers

  • Melbourne Water approved
  • Light and Class D applications
  • 229mm clear opening
  • Fitzroy box, Stop Tap box, Hydrant and Water covers all available

Maintenance Shaft Covers

  • Melbourne Water Approved
  • Ductile Iron (Class D) and Concrete (Light Duty) covers available
  • Sleeve to be locked into underside to protect open area directly under cover

Concrete Covers

  • Side Entry pit covers
  • Junction Pit frame and insert available
  • All come standard with internal reinforcing bars